Melinda is a London based artist whose work focuses on the conceptual understanding of the philosophical questions emerging out of human experience, both individual and collective. She is interested in the present and the past, her paintings explore different points of view on existence. In her creative process colour and texture are important elements, as well as the deconstruction of forms which allows her to find an equilibrium between figuration and abstraction.


2019 The Zone, The Tunnel Group, Asylum Chapel, London
2019 Dance of stillness, The Magma Group, Stash Gallery, London
2018  Reality Dysmorphia (The last man), Crypt Gallery, London
2018  Being allowed to look, Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester
2018  Bils & Rye Gallery, Kirkbymoorside, York
2018  The Other Art Fair by Saatchi Art, London
2018  Labyrinths, Hundred Years Gallery, London
2017  Greetings from a dead man, Safehouse 1&2, London
2017  Anniversary, Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester
2017  Open Studios, Euroart Studios, London
2017  The Portico Library, Manchester
2016  ONE, Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester
2016  Lacey Contemporary, London
2016  Open Studios,  Euroart Studios, London
2015  USEUM, Le Dame Gallery, London
2015  Art Pistol Gallery,  Glasgow
2015  Protégé Gallery,  London
2014  Liminality, Art Meets Fashion, Salt Lake City, USA 
2014  Contemporary Painting, Art Gallery AFK, Lisbon, Portugal
2014  Mad about Art, Rowan Arts, London
2014  Painting500, Candid Art Trust,  London
2014  Best Works- Touring exhibition, Turcianska Gallery, Martin, Slovakia
2013  Best Works- Touring exhibition, Czech Centre, Budapest, Hungary
2013  Best works- Touring Exhibition, Centrum Bavaria Bohemia, (Schonsee, Germany
2013  Best Works- Touring Exhibition, Gallery of Szombathely, Szombathely, Hungary
2013  Best works- Touring Exhibition, Prachen Museum, Pisec, Czech Republic
2012  Woman About, MDSM –Auschwitz, Poland
2012  International Biennial of Drawing, Zapadoceske Muzeum, Pilsen, Czech Republic
2012  International Biennial of Socio-Political Poster, Auschwitz, Poland
2012  International Biennial of Miniature Art, Czestochowa, Poland
2011  Ex-Position, Solo Exhibition,  Huedin, Romania
2009  Expo Transylvania,  Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2008  UAD, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2007  UAD, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Public Work (1999-2012) 
Fresco Painting of 13 churches of Transylvania, Romania, executed in Neo Byzantine Style.
Selected Publications
2018 Office et Culture, Singulart- Coups de coeur numeriques
2017 Art Maze Mag, Melinda Matyas
2016 Jung Katz, Interview with painter Melinda Matyas
2015 Mildred magazine, Art's Sake
2014 One to Watch, Saatchi Art
2013 Juxtapose Magazine, Melinda Matyas and the painted form
2013 Empty Kingdom
2012 Ignant, Melinda Matyas
2011 Artists Network Magazine, Palette knife in hand

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